Escola Virtual d'Estiu 2010

Escuela Virtual de Verano 2010

Writing electronic documents for English Language Learning

Course Description:

The main goal is to introduce ideas and tools for the foerign language classroom, all of them directed towards the production of electronic documents, considering a methodologic switch to allow teachers and students a better use of the ICT in meaningful contexts, and to promote the English language learning through activities that demand research, reflection and the need of comunication.

Target Audience

This course is addressed to the teachers of English that are eager to use media resources in order to reinforce and to work this subject, encouraging an interactive and dynamic side of teaching.

Course Requirements

It is recommended to be an average user of Information and Communication Technologies
To have Internet connexion.

Course Objectives.

  • To give ideas and teaching strategies centered in the creation of electronic documents with the computer, in order to help the developement of the daily work.
  • To reflect upon de use of the ICT in the foreign language classroom, arising out of the participants situations and experiences.
  • To use the variety of programs and informatic tools presented in order to develop the basic competences of the students.
  • To generate a list of resources for the English classroom from the participants’ contributions

Course contents.

Seven units are developed:

  • ICT in the foreign language classroom: theoric, philosophic and methodological aspects
  • Digital Class Dictionary: through a Wiki.
  • Digital classroom publications ("the class magazine"), using blogger/blocs xtec.
  • Web resources to share documents: Google Docs, Slide Share, Picture Trail, Youtube, Picassa... and also to enrich our magazine or blog.
  • Digital Storytelling: production of stories, tales, reports, etc. In video format using Photo Story and Movie maker.
  • Audacity: to create and to manipulate sound files in order to generate dictations, oral activities, recordings...
  • Multimedia Products: a book or magazine (ISSUU) as well as a Scrapbook (


  • Arising out of the tools presented in each unit, participation in the forums is demanded. In some cases it will be necessary to display examples of the participants’ productions, in others a reflection upon the resources or the participation in group work (blog and wiki).
  • From the third unit through the rest of the course, a shared document in which participants will have to provide multimedia resources will be generated.
  • The course is organised in 7 compulsory units.

Accreditation for the course

  • The certificate of the course is given due to the participation in the activites of the virtual classroom, specially in the activities related to collaborative and on-line work.
  • Participants have to participate in the 80% of the activities, it is, at least 6 of the 7 units of the course.